Newcastle Knights 2022 Indigenous Jersey

  • $129.00

Hear from the artist about the design and his source of inspiration:

"I created this artwork Birriwal Guwiyn which means Strong Spirit in Gathang language which was the language of the Birrbay, Guringay and Worimi peoples. The artwork honours each of the nations and communities which the Newcastle Knights are proud to represent on and off the field. I have drawn a symbol of each nation and their totems inside each circle, I wanted people from each nation to feel pride and connection when they saw their totem on the jersey as I would see the Worimi dolphin tail. As a whole this artwork also reflects the spiritual realms which each totem is from. The land, sky and sea and through the centre of the artwork runs the sand dunes and ocean. The whole artwork is looking down through the eyes of our creator spirit Baiyami - seen centred within the Worimi Elder John Ridgeway OAM. It shows my pop sitting in the middle of the tail. I imagine when the jersey is being pulled on, it's like putting on a spiritual shield of pride, honour, respect and connection and each player will feel this power and walk together onto the field 10ft tall knowing they are connected to the spirits of the land, sky and sea and the Creator Spirit Baiyami.

Worimi Artist | Gerard Black