Melbourne Storm 2020 Premiers Mini Decals Set

  • $6.95


The Mini Decal is a full colour club emblem for every colour vehicle and smooth surface (excluding rubber, silicon and some plastics). There are 2 stickers per packet.

The iTAG Mini Decal is easy to apply and is made of genuine outdoor white vinyl. You can have professional results quickly and easily! The Mini Decal removes cleanly when removed within 6 months after installation.

You can stick them on:

  • Car windscreens, windows and painted panels
  • Vans, trucks and motorbikes,
  • Bedroom and office windows,
  • Toolboxes,
  • Shop and office windows,
  • Fridges and eskies,
  • School books and laptops,
  • Filing cabinets,
  • Other personal and home items, OR ANY SMOOTH SURFACE!

The size is approximately 76mm wide by 87mm high. About the size of an adult palm.

Each sticker is easy to apply.  Applying to a slightly wet surface does allow air bubbles to be squeezed out with your thumb easily.

Please note, we recommend that you do not apply the iTAG sticker on a horizontal surface or near heat sources, such as car panels near exhausts and the bonnet of your car as it is too close to the engine.

Disclaimer: The colours of the product on your computer screen may not be the colours of the actual product due to computer screen differences.