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Sydney Swans 2024 Indigenous Guernsey Adult

Sydney Swans 2024 Nike Mens Indigenous Guernsey

We’re proud to unveil our 2024 Marn Grook guernsey, designed by proud Yuin artist Richard Campbell in conjunction with our ARA First Nations Foundations program.

Richard, who is the uncle of former Sydney Swans player James Bell, joined kids who took part in cultural sessions as part of the inaugural ARA First Nations Foundations in Shellharbour. He worked with the kids to design an artwork that was later chosen to be adapted for this year’s guernsey.

The artwork depicts Richard’s totem, Gunyu, the black swan. The swan’s feathers transform into an elder, Gumaraa, meaning ‘wise old man’.

Gumaraa is looking back through his totem and sees the past, present, and the future of his country. He is the warrior of his people who represents the land of which he is from.

The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge represent the present and the future. They are built on Gumaraa’s homelands and are surrounded by the vast waters where he fished.

The four circles represent Gumaraa’s family and his tribe. They represent unity and tribes coming together from all over Sydney.

The three Aboriginal warriors are spearing fish for the Sydney Swans. They represent the past and present Swans players.

The two hands on the back of the guernsey represent coming together and connection.

Gumaraa still roams around in his spirit form of Gunyu, the black swan, looking back on country.

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