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North Queensland Cowboys 2023 Indigenous Jersey Adult*

The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys 2023 Indigenous Jersey portrays a reef on Mornington Island called Mundarlbi. Mundarlbi is a traditional dance which actions represent waves trying to wash the reef away, but the reef remaining strong. This represents the concept of being strong like the Mundarlbi reef, which we can use in our everyday life, as it teaches us to never let anything bring us down.  


MundarIbi is a traditional Lardil song that was Dreamt by one of the Cowboys’ senior songmen Cecil "Ngawalin" Goodman, Ngawalin meaning "hard rock". The jersey design is a dedication to him as he has now passed on. 


The jersey embodies Pride, Strength and Resilience that generates from our foundations and connections like Identity, Family, Culture and Country. 

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