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  1. Parramatta Eels Xmas Can Cooler
  2. Canberra Raiders Metal Ornament
  3. Canberra Raiders Xmas Wreath
  4. South Sydney Rabbitohs Xmas Can Cooler
  5. Penrith Panthers Xmas Can Cooler
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  6. Parramatta Eels Metal Ornament
  7. Cronulla Sharks Metal Ornament
  8. Brisbane Broncos Metal Ornament
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  9. Sydney Roosters Xmas Wreath
  10. Parramatta Eels Xmas Wreath
  11. Brisbane Broncos Xmas Wreath
  12. Wests Tigers Xmas Can Cooler
  13. Sydney Roosters Xmas Can Cooler
  14. St George Dragons Xmas Can Cooler
  15. Sydney Roosters Metal Ornament
  16. South Sydney Rabbitohs Metal Ornament
  17. Canterbury Bulldogs Metal Ornament
  18. Cronulla Sharks Xmas Wreath
  19. Canterbury Bulldogs Xmas Wreath
  20. North Queensland Cowboys Xmas Can Cooler
  21. Melbourne Storm Xmas Can Cooler
  22. Cronulla Sharks Xmas Can Cooler
  23. Brisbane Broncos Xmas Can Cooler
  24. Hawthorn Hawks Xmas Can Cooler