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Port Adelaide Power 2024 First Nations Guernsey Adult

Port Adelaide Authentic First Nations Guernsey 2024

This year’s striking strip, inspired by the essence of family, was a collaboration between two-time premiership player, Norm Smith Medallist and 200-game player, Byron Pickett, and his first cousin Melanie Pickett. 

The guernsey depicts Byron’s strong connection to family, to the land, and to the Port Adelaide region, as well as the seven current First Nations Yartapuulti AFL players. 

“To get asked to do the design for this great club is…I’m a pretty humble guy, I like to think I am, and I was just over the moon when they asked me to design it,” Byron said. 

“It (the design) is about family. I’m really big on family. I’ve always put family before myself, it’s just what I’ve been taught by my father, my mother, and my older sister.” 

The guernsey design is centred around three round symbols, while the Port River forms the traditional Yartapuulti ‘V’ shape across the chest.  

“The rivers represent the Port River, the home of Yartapuulti and my football journey,” Byron said.  

“The animal prints on the side of the guernsey are my totems. The bird footprint is the pee wee, that’s my Nyoongar totem on my dad’s side. And the dog print is a dingo (ngubanu), and that’s my mum’s totem on the Yamatji side.  

“The background represents my father; he did a painting a while ago with that design on it.  

“My dad is no longer with us today, and I just thought because I am really family orientated man, I wanted to include that as a representation of my father.”  

Three round shapes sit at the centre of the guernsey and represent three meeting places of great significance to Byron. 

“The main shape is Alberton Oval and the smaller shapes around it represent the seven current First Nations Yartapuulti players, plus one that represents me.  

“The top shape is a place called Mount Magnet (Budimia) that’s where my mum is from, and the bottom shape is where my dad is from Quairading (Balardong) down south in Western Australia.  

“There are three ‘U’ shapes on the back of the guernsey. The teal one is my granddaughter, Zaylera, and the two others are the boys, my two grandsons Z’kye and Zyree. 

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